EXPERIENCES with a higher purpose

We create heartcentered moments to just be

acting as a secure-base and a catalyst, a source of inspiration and high vibration, an amplificator of consciousness and conduit for joy.

Time-less experiences to be our best self

We are an ecosystem of game-changers and shapers, relentlessly focus on transforming the world for good. One person at a time.

Join us in Bhutan

World Happiness Fest

Teaching that impacts is not head to head, but heart to heart.


World Happiness Fest (bēCREATION)

From 16-22 March 2020

A gathering that's out of the norm. Top worldwide experts, guides and masters getting together to celebrate happiness as a human right. This is the future of festivals and forums – emergent, playful and transformational.

Join us around the world.

the community

be-coming our best self is a journey worth sharing

discover, connect, give, love.

we come together as artists, activists, scientists and builders determined to help going deeper into our be-ings and to unlock our full potential. 

Experience the power of be: Legacy building retreat in bhutan

If happiness had a soul, that'll be Bhutan

Luis Gallardo

we get together to be

There is so much good going on in the world. This is a secure base for game-changers, for shapers, for those who are making a positive impact in the world. One person at a time.

Luis Gallardo

The power of giving

Old wisdom and new science tell us that if we want to be happy we shouldn't focus on our own happiness, we should concentrate our attention and actions on something, or someone, else. People who give to, or help, others have been shown to be more satisfied with their lives, have a greater sense of meaning and feel more competent.


Such as The Happy Startup School with Alptitude, bringing together 25 purpose-driven entrepreneurs and changemakers from around the world for a unique, meaningful experience in stunning natural surroundings...

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