Be-yond Happiness

I'm still euphoric about the fact that thousands of people; government officials, media, academics, coaches, and activists gathered in Miami a month ago to picture what happiness and well-being can mean for us as individuals and for societies in the years to come.

One conclusion and key learning for me: Think big and dream bigger, it'll happen. As the spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar puts it: commit, celebrate, be wise and of service and the rest will follow. That's the way I pictured the event many moons before, a secure base for human beings searching inside themselves, willing to focus on being more than doing and becoming part of a tribe that helped us to overcome obstacles and empower to transform the world for good.

If we understand happiness as subjective well-being the point made by Richard Layard, Shauna Shapiro or Maureen Healy, Tal-ben Shahar, Shawn Achor, Michelle Gielan, Amy Blankson, Ismael Cala is key for the future: Mental health, including stress management, is and will be the key enabler of sustainable progress in the world. Being able to understand and balance our brain power and neuro path-waves can solve from national conflicts to individual desperation.

The power of intention

It is incredible to understand that our mind and our brain can only process a minimal part of what is going on at an energy level. That means that the smartest people on the planet won't be able to get answers to most questions. Either you feel and subconsciously become connected to the universal energy or you won't get it. That's incredible, right? if that's the case increasing consciousness seems to be a great way to broaden our perspective and making better decisions.

From Lynne McTaggart to Mo Gawdat, from Gopi Kayallil to Laurent Potdevin the message was very clear. We have the power to choose and to create a greater world and it is up to us to decide how and when to set the intention. I'm ready for it.

Saamdu Chetri representing Bhutan or Dr. Aisha Bin Bishr coming from Dubai are committed to moving the world beyond GDP. The OECD, the World Happiness Report, Happy Planet Index, Action for Happiness, Project Happiness, UNIDOH and so many more organizations are working hard to create a happier world. Their views are really encouraging for all us and their call to action for governments, corporations and educational institutions is very encouraging.

Mindful performance

We need a world with more happiness and less misery and gathering has been a great step forward to uniting the world towards a meaningful purpose. When I dreamed of doing it I could not have thought of it in a better way, now that it happened I feel that we have to do more, we have to be more.

The event has been a great start, but the world is ready for more. Now I'll move into an even more holistic approach. From oneself to nobody and from nobody to everybody.

We need a world with less judgment and more wisdom, we need individuals with the courage to make a positive social impact and institutions that embrace the principle of collaboration. We need businesses that make their employees proud of belonging to them and their clients loving their products and services. We need Schools and Universities that help build human beings as ‘whole individuals’ ready to collaborate, and be the best they can be. We need governments that create policies and spaces for people to thrive in society.

We need to be, ‘BE’ of Being over ‘DO’ or over ‘HAVE’. When we ARE and get rid of layers of inauthentic identity builders, we are setting the stage to a world with more happiness, and when we are committed and at service to building inclusive societies, we are seeding a world with less misery. Let’s be it.

I'm ready to go beyond happiness. And I need you in that journey.

May you be happy, may you share happiness. See you on the road to just, be.