Five vital keys to wellbeing

If you want to be happy, there are certain values and standards you must apply to your life. These values can help you push through when challenging times occur and can help you focus on your wellbeing and overall joy and satisfaction with life. According to the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkley, there are several values that are not only essential when attaining happiness, but also for building strong connections and relationships with family, friends, and community members. A few of these values include:




Compassion is when you care so deeply about another person that it causes you to act. You put that person’s needs in front of your own. You do something nice for that individual, you say kind words, you offer numerous acts of service. In essence, you do all you can to make another individual’s life a little bit better.


To have compassion, you must take the focus off yourself and turn it to the people around you. You become less self-absorbed and less judgmental. While this can be difficult, these feelings are all negative and can wear you down. Compassion is turning those feelings around and making something better out of it. Research shows that compassion is a natural response. It isn’t something we must strive tirelessly to achieve.




Diversity is so much more than race, gender, and demographics. It involves all facets of life including cultural, economic, even social differences. While there will always be differences between individuals, there are also many similarities. Studies show that when we embrace diversity and strive to find similarities, we have an easier time connecting with individuals, crafting innovative ideas, and experiencing happiness and contentment in our lives.




When we want to experience true happiness and improve our wellbeing, it is vital that we remove all negative emotions from our lives. One way to do this is by extending forgiveness to individuals who have wronged us in any way. Holding grudges and seeking revenge are destructive habits. The only way to remove those dark feelings is by forgiving others and asking for forgiveness when we have done something wrong. We must remember that we aren’t perfect as well.




Gratitude is expressing our appreciation and being thankful for certain things in our lives. Gratitude is important when living in a society that constantly wants bigger and better. It is difficult to be content with our life when our neighbors, the Jones, are living what appears to be an extravagant life. However, by practicing gratitude, we know, and research confirms, that we find joy in the things we are given. We find joy in even the smallest things — the things we take for granted. While this value can seem so easy for others to understand, it is often one of the hardest to practice and establish in our lives.


The Feeling of Belonging


Strong friendships and quality relationships are vital to our wellbeing. They build a connection, a feeling of belonging that many humans desperately seek. Some experts even say it is a core need in a person’s life. If we struggle with feeling like we belong, choose just one person and strive to improve your relationship. Just one person can make a difference.


Improving your wellbeing doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, by focusing on just one value at a time, you can create a life of contentment, joy, and true happiness.