Is Happiness Key to World Peace?

Albert Einstein once said, “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”


While many individuals strive for world peace, it may seem almost impossible to achieve. There is so much violence, destruction, and fear in the world that feelings of peace and contentment can seem almost far from reach. There are many reasons why countries may go to war and terrorists attack. There are also many reasons why neighbors fight and family members don’t talk to one another. But there are also many reasons why peace can exist, ways to find it, and people who have started to show others the way.


How to Achieve Peace


Some experts say that peace is achieved when people learn to become masters of themselves. This means that individuals know how to turn their weaknesses into strengths, calm a hostile situation between themselves and a neighbor, develop habits, and set goals that will help them become better versions of themselves. These individuals also ensure those plans to better and improve themselves happen. They understand what it takes to make themselves happy, regardless of the situation.


Examples of Self-Masters


There are numerous individuals who have become self-masters. These individuals have put forth their determination, time, and ambition towards helping others. The Nobel Peace Prize is one of the most distinguished awards throughout the world. This award is given to an individual each year who has done exemplary work to reduce contention and frustration among nations. These individuals have sought to establish peace in a contentious world. A few Noble Peace Prize winners include:


Mother Teresa


Mother Teresa lived among the poor. Her day-to-day dealings involved interacting with those suffering in poverty and finding ways to help them. She believed that her calling in life was to help them and she devoted her life’s work to make their lives better. She built homes, helped the sick, and created an organization to help those living in poor circumstances around the entire world.


Elie Wiesel


Elie Wiesel is a humanitarian who fought and worked to make everyone feel equal — to ensure nobody felt that they were better than anyone else. In 1944, his family was sent to an Auschwitz extermination camp, and he lost his parents and his younger sister. His goal was to help individuals remember the terrible things that went on during the Holocaust as well as the importance of equality and love.


Jane Addams


Jane Addams’ entire mission was to bring peace to the world. In 1919, she founded the Women’s International League for Peace and worked to create peace agreements between nations. She fought tirelessly against war and held peace conferences to help others understand the importance of peace.


Happiness is Key


While no one individual can cause the entire world to stop fighting and end contention, they can start a movement that leads others to look for peace and work towards it. These self-masters are content with their life. They can find peace within themselves, which is contagious. Studies show that when you have inner peace, and when you feel content with your life, that’s when you are truly happy.