Why Happiness is Key to the World and Society

Aristotle once said, “Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life.” Everywhere we look there are discouraging and depressing stories of individuals in the world. And while feelings of discouragement, depression, and even fear are natural parts of our lives, so is happiness. Feelings of happiness — true happiness — not only has substantial benefits to an individual’s health but our entire society.


Why is Happiness So Important?


Happiness is a worthwhile goal that many individuals work hard to achieve. However, to be truly happy, you must first define and know what happiness even is. Happiness is a range of feelings that make you excited, that make you laugh, that put a smile on your face. It is feeling content with life, finding great satisfaction in many of its facets, and experiencing feelings of extreme pleasure.


Studies show that happiness is crucial to the quality of our relationships. Individuals are drawn to positivity, wit, humor, laughter, and smiles. Someone who is angry and upset, usually has a dark countenance about them, making them unapproachable. When we are happy, we strive to improve our relationships with friends, family, colleagues and even strangers on the street. Additionally, the quality of relationships improves, which drives away feelings of loneliness, isolation, and seclusion. In short, when you are happy, others around you are more likely to be happy too.


Additionally, research shows that when we are happy, we have more motivation and determination to improve ourselves. We are less likely to become discouraged when our weaknesses show through. Furthermore, we are more determined to set goals, make plans, and follow through. When we are happy, we are more willing to be grateful and express that gratitude, which in turns lifts other up and makes them feel appreciated.


Furthermore, happiness improves an individual’s health. Studies show that happy people are more likely to take care of themselves by eating healthy and exercising regularly than those who do not. They are also more likely to schedule check-ups and dentist visits.  


Regardless of why you want to be happy or how you attain it, research shows that happiness impacts others. One person’s positive attitude and outlook on life drastically affect other individuals. One happy person can create a movement that changes others and brings immense joy to those around them.


The International Day of Happiness


Jayme Illien is one such individual who created and helped launch the International Day of Happiness; a worldwide movement celebrated every year on March 20. It is a day for individuals worldwide to not only focus on happiness, but on their wellbeing, being mindful of their lives, and to connect and strengthen relationships with those around them.


The Happiness Fest


Another such movement is the Happiness Fest, an entire festival dedicated to making individuals happy and feel a sense of well-being in their homes, family, and society. It involves many aspects such as technology, science, psychology, and even spirituality to celebrate and create happiness. It is also a way for individuals to meet, connect, and build meaningful relationships to further these movements and better society.


The Key


The key to happiness is that we look for it every day. That we share it with those we love and those we meet. By seeking for it and spreading it, we will make an enormous impact not only for ourselves, and our families, but society as a whole.