Why happiness leads to innovation?

For any company, organization, and even family to survive, new ideas must emerge and growth must happen. However, for many individuals to come up with innovative and unique ideas, they must be inspired and in the right frame of mind. Happiness is vital when thinking of creative and innovative ideas. Happiness can actually affect the different parts of our body that are essential when we create.




It is no secret that happiness greatly affects the brain. When your brain experiences feelings of happiness, it becomes stimulated. It wants to experience those feelings, so it encourages you to be happy by offering many mental rewards. A few things you may experience when you are truly happy include:


  • Improved mood
  • A deep urge to continue being happy
  • Greater desire to be healthy
  • More attentive
  • Easier time focusing on tasks at hand
  • Better awareness of your environment


Many side effects of happiness improve cognitive thinking. When you have an easier time focusing, are more attentive, and are more aware of your surroundings, you will become more productive when creating and carrying out innovative ideas.




Your level of happiness also has direct benefits to your heart. One study found that happy individuals were 22% less likely to develop heart disease than individuals who experience significant negative and depressing emotions. While there is no conclusive information that truly happy people won’t experience heart disease, experts believe it is because happy people tend to take care of themselves much better than others. They prioritize their health and wellbeing more. Happy people also understand how to better handle stress, which helps relieve much of the pressure on the heart.


While healthy individuals will still experience substantial stress, they are less likely to have health concerns and stressful moments that wears on them and that they constantly worry about. This allows for more opportunities for them to think, to open their mind, and to generate new ideas.


Immune System


When a severe illness strikes, it can be devastating. Not only do you want to lay in bed all day, but your mind is foggy, you can’t breathe, and your sleep schedule is inconsistent. Additionally, you may miss several days of work or you feel so sick that you can’t come up with new ideas, complete projects, and be productive. Happiness has a direct effect on your immune system. When you are happy and more positive about life, those positive emotions will work for your good and your body will work harder and faster to rid itself of the illness. This means less time missing work, less brain fog, and more flow of ideas instead of being bedridden.




Studies have found that happy, positive individuals are more likely to live longer than those who have a negative outlook on life. In fact, one study found that individuals can live almost 10 years longer than those who don’t live happy, abundant lives. While this may not affect your creative thinking today or tomorrow, by being happy, you’ll be able to discover more innovative and creative ideas than those who don’t live such happy lives.


While happiness has ample benefits, it affects the body in numerous ways that promote clear minds, focus, and creative thinking, which is sure to improve and enhance all your innovative ideas.