Why San Miguel De Allende Will Shape the World for Good

There are many ways and places you can attain happiness. San Miguel De Allende is one of them. This thriving and beautiful Central Mexican city offers beautiful architecture, fabulous art, culture, and diversity. It is also home to the Happiness Fest, a festival to help individuals find true happiness, improve their wellbeing, and interact and connect with others. But what makes San Miguel De Allende so unique? Why is it chosen to ignite such a powerful movement to enhance all of society?


Diverse Culture


One of the benefits of living and visiting this Mexican city is its diverse culture. There are many ethnicities that live in the area and individuals from all walks of life. For example, you can interact with farmers, craftsman, laborers, and businessman all while in a local park. Because of the diversity, people bring a different type of energy to the area — new experiences, goals, stories, ideas.


Creative and Inspirational Environment


San Miguel De Allende is known for its artistic culture. It is home to countless art festivals and even writing conventions. Many artists are drawn to the architecture and beauty of the area, which provides for plenty of creative opportunities. It is a popular area for art students who wish to travel and study art, and there are numerous art galleries and museums one can visit. The creativity and opportunities offered here allow individuals to share their talents, interact with individuals who share their same hobbies and gifts, and create something that will bring beauty and joy to others who can’t do it themselves. Several studies show that igniting and displaying creativity through art enhances an individual’s happiness. One study even shows that even viewing art improves an individual’s happiness and makes them feel rewarded. All of this can be accomplished and felt in this city.


Stunning Landscapes


If you are looking for a place that emanates happiness, San Miguel De Allende is it. The beautiful scenery and landscapes in this area attract many tourists. Not only can you visit beautiful botanical gardens, but unique churches line the streets allowing tourists and residents to enjoy stunning architecture and rich history, as well as delve into their spirituality.


Place to Build Connections


While this Mexican city offers most of your basic living necessities, it is not a large and bustling location. It has just over 160,000 residents. At the heart of the city, you’ll still find vendors selling corn, trinkets, and other items down the street. This Mexican city brings people from all walks of life together to create a place where people have what they need, yet still find time to share their talents, interact face-to-face with other, and build relationships to make a living. Additionally, much research reveals that building relationships and interacting with others is the key to happiness and also your health.


San Miguel De Allende has much to offer individuals around the world. Whether you visit while attending the Happiness Fest or are a long-time resident, the culture, the slow-paced life, and the beautiful landscapes all combine to create an energy and a spirit that refreshes individuals, pushes them, and make them want to do good throughout the world.