For over four thousand years, people have been drinking tea brewed from the leaves of the camellia sinensis. Tea masters and farmers from around the world have put in millions of hours of work to give this single plant species, with its countless health benefits, the huge spectrum of subtle flavor profiles it has today.

These ancient traditions created a variety of styles and aesthetics designed to perfectly complement every cup of tea. We're not really very interested in putting mango guava blossoms in it.

We're interested in finding the best of the best: farmers and tea masters with generations of experience and years of direct study. We look for those geographic jewels: high-elevation farms enshrouded in fresh, cool mists. From the finest hand-harvested, hand-processed teas to delicious machine harvests for iced tea, JoJo is here to develop a New Global Tea Culture – steeped in tradition, yet ready for the world ahead. bēJoJo

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