About bē

There is so much good going on in the world.  We are creating a secure base for game-changers, for shapers, for those who are making a positive impact in the world. One person at a time.

together we can be-more, and be-come our best self.

We are a community with a higher purpose:

to create a world with more happiness and less misery. 

That’s why it is key to connect science and sage, and our emotions, mind, body, thoughts and our beings. We need to focus on building:

Happier People:

Be happiness and the rest will follow. Science has proved that happier people innovate more, are more committed, get less sick. Choose happiness and your family, your friends, your community and the world will be happier.

More Consciousness:

When we broaden our perspective and are able to reframe more positively, with a wider contrast, we realize that issues become smaller and relative and opportunities multiply. Being aware and awaken to our perceptions, thoughts and feelings is key to our evolution.

A higher Vibration:

Energy is at the core of our existence and from quantum theories to spirituality a higher vibration can help elevate consciousness and reframe opportunities. The emotional part of our existence becomes as relevant as the rational one, giving to human beings the opportunity to accelerate positive change.

Values matter

When we root our behavior on the right values we are unstoppable human beings. And in order to create a common force for good those values have to allow us to think big, dream bigger and act now. That’s why we believe in:


Being curious about the inner being and the outer world. We have to learn from experience as much as thinking, and be mindful about the small and the big things, the micro and the macro.


Grounding ourselves to our being and to the collective, and sensing the good and the bad, the suffering and the joy. Bridging people’s purposes with meaning and building communities that help us prosper.


For who we are and how we are capable of loving without limits and creating continuos value. Being thankful for the other, for the community, and seeing their strengths and their will to live in peace.


Understanding that we can suffer and we can be happier together. When we bond we create secure bases that become a source of strength and trust. It is through compassionated leadership and inclusiveness that we can maximize positive change and growth.

There are many more amazing values to embrace and we should do it. Discovery, Connection, Gratitude and Compassion, when combined and embodied, allow us to be wired to create a world with more happiness and less misery.

Does all this resonate with you?...

Welcome to . :-)


Luis Gallardo