Bend, Don't Break Necklace

Bend, Don't Break Necklace

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Inspiration:  Palm tree grows to be so tall and strong because it knows how to be flexible and to bend low without breaking.

Stylist's Advise:  You may choose to wear it either short and close to your neck, or let it drop low by easily adjusting the cord length. The beautiful thing is that you are wearing an Amulet, a reminder that strength comes from being flexible in life.

Fit:  Adjustable, up to 27" length, makes it an easy fit for any neckline. Comes in 3 colors: Red, Dark Purple and Dark Brown.

Materials:  1/8" sleek cord holds a pendent crafted from high quality antiallergic zinc alloy and plated with thick coat high grade silver. Welded and polished by hand. As a result, it looks and behaves just like a pure silver.